We can refurbish and paint many everyday items, and have repaired various items for businesses and customers in the UK.

We can customise and refinish items to give a new lease of life to old or worn items, and can offer many specialist paint finishes to create something unique.

We have repaired and restored various vehicles and body panels, refurbished alloy wheels, painted bike frames and customised many parts and items this year.

Anything from picture frames and household items to car parts and sporting goods can be personalised.

We have a huge range of specialist paint finishes available and can fulfil custom paint colours to your specification. We can also offer colour changing paints and lacquers for something a little different.

See further examples of our work in the photo albums section on our Facebook page.


Want to paint your own items ? If you can already paint and have your own equipment or are looking for a heated controlled environment to carry out paintwork please ask about our spray booth hire.

We already have local companies who hire our spray booth and we can now also offer this service to customers. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation and for further information.


VW Mk II Golf Wing and Door Respray in Original Oak Green

VW Mk II Golf Full Respray in Original Tornado Red

Citroen 2CV Full Respray in Original Blu Celesté

Handmade Reevelo Touring Bike Frame Sprayed in VW Viper Green