Small Bumper Diffusers from £150.00
Small Bumper Lower Spoiler / Splitter from £120.00
Engine Covers from £90.00
Single Cam Covers from £150.00
Double Cam Covers from £200.00
Battery Covers from £80.00
Small Trim Pieces from £35.00
Medium Trim Pieces from £60.00
Large Trim Pieces / Mouldings from £80.00
Small Grilles from £80.00
Large Grilles from £120.00
Vents / Scoops from £70.00
Small Spoilers from £100.00
Large Spoilers from £150.00
Small Dash Consoles from £90.00
Large Dash Consoles from £120.00
Wheels Discs from £30.00
Badges from £35.00
Mirror Covers (Pair) from £100.00
Car Body Panels from £200.00
Air Ride Tanks from £120.00 - £150.00 (depending on size and type)
Roof Lining Panels from £150.00 (based on VW T5 half section)

Alloy Wheels

Excludes removal and re-fitting of tyres
Prices shown below are per wheel

14 Inch from £80.00
15 Inch from £80.00
16 Inch from £90.00
17 Inch from £90.00
18 Inch from £100.00
19 Inch from £110.00
20 Inch from £120.00

Motorbike Parts

Small Fairings from £80.00
Large Fairings from £100.00
Chain Guards from £80.00
Small Mudguards from £100.00
Large Mudguards from £120.00
Small Fuel Tanks from £250.00
Large Fuel Tanks from £350.00


Bike Frames from £250.00
Bike Forks from £80.00
Smaller Bike Parts from £35.00
Skateboards from £80.00
Snowboards from £150.00
Kayak Paddles (Both Ends) from £120.00
RC Radio Transmitters from £100.00
RC Car Bodies or Similar from £70.00
Electric Guitar Body (Per Side) from £120.00
Electric Guitar Scratch Plate / Pickguard from £60.00
Games Console Controllers (Per Side) from £35.00
Games Console Covers from £80.00
Laptop Covers from £80.00
Tablet Covers from £60.00
Smart Phone Cases from £35.00
Remote Control Covers from £35.00
Gun Stocks from £150.00
Gun Silencers / Barrels from £70.00
DJ Decks / Turntables from £150.00


Light / Electrical Switch Covers from £35.00
Small Picture Frames from £35.00
Large Picture Frames from £40.00
Ceramic Pots / Vases from £40.00
Kitchen Doors from £80.00 (depending on size and type)
Drawer Fronts from £40.00
Glass Splashbacks from £120.00
Animal Skulls from £90.00


What is hydrographics / hydro-dipping?

Hydrographics or hydro-dipping is the process of using water and a specialist film to cover and wrap around most three dimensional objects. The process can be applied to metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials. The specialist films are available in 100's of colours and patterns. Commonly known as Hydrographics or hydro-dipping, the process can also sometimes be reffered to as water transfer printing.

What general condition should my items be in before hydro-dipping?

All items need painting before hydro-dipping to allow the ink from the film to fuse with the painted surface. Items must be clean, dent free, without cracks or any other type of damage.

Can you hydro-dip any item?

The simple answer to this is no. Items which are to be hydro-dipped will be submerged and rinsed in water as part of the printing process. The item also needs to have a hard surfce for the film to apply. So in a nutshell, no electronics and no cuddly toys. However, we are able to hydro-dip electronic casings (with the electronics removed) such as phone and console cases for example. 'If it can be painted and will fit into our tank, then it can be dipped''

Will the item be subject to any other treatment stages in the process?

All items are lacquered and baked after the film applying process. Sometimes, the item may need to be baked during the priming or painting process where applicable.

How are the final dipped items protected?

All hydro-dipped items are lacqured with automotive, quality 2K lacquer in your choice of gloss, matt, tinted or colour changing clear coat.

How long does it take for the lacquer to dry?

Lacquer can take up to 2 weeks to fully harden and cure but can be handled and polished within a day or so.

How durable is the hydro-dipped item once finished?

Finished items are very durable, but care should be taken before the lacquer is fully hardened (after about 2 weeks)

How do I clean my hydro-dipped item?

Cleaning is the same as you would clean car paintwork or dusting normal household objects. Avoid Bleach and corrosive cleaners. Car polish and compounds can be used to polish or remove small marks as required.

How long does the hydro-dipping process take?

Turnaround for hydro-dipped items is usually around 7 days.

What payment methods do Bold Hydrographics accept?

We accept the following payments: Barclays Pingit, BACS Payment, Cash, Cheque. Please note that all goods will not be released until items are paid for in full. At present we do not offer credit or 30 day accounts.

Are Bold Hydrographics a registered and a VAT registered company?

Yes. Bold Hydrographics are a registered limited company and we are VAT registered. Our company number is 093 090 11 and our VAT registration number is 200 1442 86