We started developing the unit in January 2015 after spending 6 months getting planning and evironmental approval from the local council

The full size spray booth was manufactured and installed by Dalby in January after the gas supply was installed by a local fitter.

A screw compressor, appropriate air lines and filtration system were installed by another local firm to allow air fed masks to be used for all booth spraying to meet health and safety criteria.

The Hydrographic Dipping tank utilises a high power heating element to heat the water to a desired temperature, and has a built in rinsing facility

The dipping tank measures 2.5 meters long by 1.1 meters deep, allowing us to process larger items.

The showroom is constantly evolving with sample items on display and over 100 patterns on show with new patterns frequently being added.

Our demo car is also available to view with various patterns being used on the interior and exterior of the vehicle. Look out for the red Mark II VW Golf with 4 different Hydro-Dipped wheels driving around Alcester and surrounding areas!